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Small Change is launching the socially responsible Opportunity Zone Fund.

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The Small Change Opportunity Fund combines three powerful concepts:

  • the new tax benefits available for investments in qualified opportunity zone funds
  • the Small Change Index, our proprietary method for identifying projects that are socially responsible and benefit cities and communities, and
  • professional portfolio management.

What are Opportunity Zones?

Opportunity Zones are economically-distressed communities where new investments may qualify for special tax treatment. There are 8,700 Opportunity Zones, 12% percent of U.S. census tracts, many of which already attract businesses and investments. A community must be certified by the federal government to qualify as an Opportunity Zone.

Why invest in an Opportunity Zone?

By investing in an Opportunity Zone business or building, investors can defer their existing capital gains tax liability. They can also reduce this liability by up to 15%. And completely eliminate tax on the appreciation in the Opportunity Zone investment itself.

What’s an Opportunity Fund?

Investors must invest in an Opportunity Zone Fund in order to reap the tax benefits of an Opportunity Zone. An Opportunity Zone Fund is a fund where at least 90% of the investments are in qualified opportunity zone assets.

Do I need to live in an Opportunity Zone to invest?

No. You can invest in an Opportunity Zone Fund anywhere in the United States to take advantage of the tax benefits.

When can I invest?

We’ll be launching the Small Change Opportunity Fund in early 2019.

I’m a developer with a project in an Opportunity Zone.

We’re currently assessing shovel-ready projects suitable for our Small Change Opportunity Fund. If you have a project that needs funding you can say hello or follow the process on our developer resource page.

How can I stay in the zone?

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